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Q: What is BloXoR?

A: BloXoR is a new original puzzle game developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch!
BloXoR takes the DEXTERITY of the average Tilt game like Labyrinth and adds a PUZZLE SOLVING twist-- ALL of the Blox move! The goal isnít just to move a single marble from one side of the board to the other, but to Tilt and Slide ALL of the Blox, rearranging them, reconfiguring them, like one big puzzle box!

Q: How do you play?

A: If you've bought BloXoR, just tap the button for full instructions.
Or, for an online version click over to Game Details.

Q: Sometimes I have trouble getting a Blox into just the right position.

A: Try Tapping the iPhone to nudge the Blox into tight areas. It really works!

Q: I can't beat level X. Are you sure it's possible?

A: Yes. I've beaten every level in their final production forms. (Of course, I designed all of them so I know their dirty little secrets.)

Q: Can I listen to my Music while playing BloXoR?

A: Yes! Just mute the sounds (Tap the Speaker in the pause/title menu) and the next time you start up BloXoR, your Tunes will play on!

Q: Can I tell if I've beaten my score on a level when I replay it?

A: Yes. If you have a better Score, Time, or Tilts, it will be shown in a bright white, otherwise it will be a dull blue.

Q: How do I get the game?

A: The Android version is here: Google Play.

A: The iPhone version is here: Apple App Store.

Q: I love BloXoR!! Will there be a sequel?

A: Absolutely. I already have ideas for more levels and more Blox types. So, stay tuned!...

Q: Is it cool to say, "BloXoR RoXoRZ!!!111!"

A: No. No it's not.

Q: If two witches had two watches, then which witch watched which watch, or which watch did which witch watch?

A: Yes.

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Q: What is SpinDice?

A: SpinDice is an orignal new iPhone game where Puzzle game meets Luck of the Dice!

Q: How do you play?

A: If you've bought SpinDice, just tap the button for full instructions.
Or, for an online version click over to Game Details.

Q: Makin' one Set at a time is BORING! Can I make more? Can I make Combos?

A: Absolutely!! Whenever you've made a Set, you'll notice that the highlight glows for a second or so afterwards. Thats your chance! Make another Set and you've got a Combo! Combos give you more time, spins, and points!! And the more Combos you make, the more bonuses you get. This becomes pretty important as the levels increase and that Time or those Spins get harder to come by.
You can cross back over other Sets to make Combo Sets, too.

By the way, larger Sets of size 4 and 5 also give a liitle bonus boost.

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